Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is drop shipping?
  2. Drop shipping is a service provided by a manufacturer or wholesale supplier (such as Dropship Toys), who ships individual orders directly to end customer on behalf of Internet retailers.

  3. Why do you need drop shipping?
  4. Whether you're an established retailer or operating ecommerce store from your basement, an ability to source products without having to carry inventory reduces the risk. You may start an online business purely from 100% dropship model to hybrid model in the future. Even though you may own your own warehouse, it's costly to keep inventory of all products you sell on your online store. By using dropship supplier such as Dropship Toys, you'll be able to source products with very low risk and be able to identify hot sellers which you may choose to inventory yourself.

  5. What is a blind drop shipper?
  6. A blind drop shipper is the one who dropships orders to end customers under your company name. The blind drop shipper has no visibility to the customer, and the packing label has your company name on it (or has at least generic sender without the company name). Dropship Toys is a blind drop shipper.

  7. How do I place an order with Dropship Toys?
  8. Orders may be placed on our website, or via an email. An email order should include PO#, Item SKU, Quantity, Ship TO address, phone number (optional) and email address (optional).

  9. How long does it take to ship out an order?
  10. In stock items are generally ship on the same day. The orders received by 3pm CST are shipped on the same day, and the orders received after 3pm are shipped on the next business day. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are NOT considered business days, and common shipping carriers do not deliver ground shipment on non-business days. If you have specific delivery time requirement, you may check with our customer service. is owned and operated by Broadband Media, Inc.
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